The Heilige Feuer 6 compilation is finally out on Der Angriff / Indiestate (Ru.) in deluxe 2 cd edition. One is black with post cards, the other, burgundy without insert. Both limited.
The 8 bands present on the 2 cd, included ICK, have all played at the festival which took place in Moscow, December 2006, the 8th and 9th.

The re-edition of ?Les reflexions misanthropiques? (initially on vynil on LA NOUVELLE ALLIANCE ref: LNA004 / 2000 ? 300 copies) is under work. The master is done and is about to be send to the factory. The label which is leading the project has not yet fixed a date and will announce it very soon.


The 24th and 25th live actions are under discussion. More to come soon.


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